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Panadol Shortage in Pakistan

The Panadol Shortage in Pakistan

Panadol is the most used medicine in Pakistan and these days there is a shortage of this medicine. People are very worried because Panadol is not available in the market. The Panadol manufacturing company has stopped the production of Panadol and its alternative medicines due to which the people of Pakistan are very worried. It is used in diseases such as fever, headache, etc.

Panadol Shortage in Pakistan

Why is the production of Panadol stopped?

GSK Pharmaceutical Pakistan is the manufacturer of Panadol. GSK company stopped the Production, The company is seeking permission from the government to allow them to increase the prices of Panadol, Further, the company claims that Panadol chemical (raw material) is very expensive, due to which the company is demanding to increase the price. The claim of the company is that they are not getting profit at the current price due to which the company has stopped the production. 

Panadol shortage is being seen all over Pakistan and where it is. Available in blackprice. Apart from this, other medicine manufacturer companies have stopped the production of medicines. Their demand for the same price is also increasing,  including supplication for stomach pain, toothache medicine, stomach medicine and many other medicines.

Shortage of life-saving medicines

People are forced to buy this medicine in black as there is a lot of shortage in the market. Panadol is a medicine that is used all over the world except Pakistan. This medicine is used in almost every country of the world.Due to inflation, the prices of medicines are also increasing. Many more manufacturer company has increased the prices of medicine and Many prices are yet to be increased. Medicines whose prices keep increasing are not available in the market. Many famous companies have stopped production. Life-saving drugs are in short supply in the market and those who have these drugs are selling them at black prices due to which people are forced to buy black drugs.

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